#12 Korean

Korean is spoken as a first language by 77.2 million people in 7 countries which includes China, Japan and North Korea, it’s primary country is South Korea.

“One of the more salient differences between Korean dialects is the use of tone: speakers of the Seoul dialect make use of vowel length, whereas speakers of the Gyeongsang dialect maintain the pitch accent of Middle Korean. Some dialects are conservative, maintaining Middle Korean sounds (such as z, β, ə) which have been lost from the standard language, whereas others are highly innovative.”

Audio Sources

  • News: www.youtube.com/watch?v=YwbpBIabRmo
  • Radio: beta.tunein.com/radio/Big-B-Radio—KPOP-s135096/
  • Environment: freesound.org/people/3bagbrew/sounds/345020/
  • freesound.org/people/nikitralala/sounds/239940/



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