#10 Lahnda

Lahnda is spoken by 119 million people as their first language, in 6 countries. Lahanda’s primary country is Pakistan.

Lahnda is a Macrolanguage – it has been classified as a language in it’s own right, but the category also comprises of “multiple, closely related individual languages” which are considered “distinct languages by the criterion of non-intellgibility” but collectively “are deemed in some usage contexts to be a single language.”. Languages within the Macrolanguage of Lahnda include ‘Punjabi, Western’ (92.7 million speakers) and Saraiki (20.1 million speakers)

The source language for this sound piece is Punjabi, which “is the native language of the Punjabi people who inhabit the historical Punjab region of India and Pakistan”. Punjabi is the most spoken first language in Pakistan (44%) however Pakistan’s national language is Urdu, which is only spoken as a first language by 8% of the population. While India does not have a national language, rather 22 scheduled languages, Punjabi is one of them but Hindi is the most spoken. Punjabi is therefor a very hard language to find online news channels and radio stations in – as it has no primary country, and News / Radio is ordered by country rather than language.

Audio Sources



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